Movie Review – The Goddess of Pandora


Neytiri of the Na’vi

I recently watched the DVD “Collector’s Special Extended Edition” of the movie Avatar, by James Cameron. He is one of my favorite directors, having made Terminator I (which I consider to be one of the best action/adventure movies ever made), Titanic, and Aliens.

Avatar is a science fiction/fantasy/adventure flick set on the planet of Pandora, a moon in the Alpha Centauri star system. In many ways this movie surpassed all of Cameron’s others in a brilliant combination of human acting, CGI effects, military battles, and a convincing love story between a human man and an alien woman. But what interested me most were the theological aspects of the movie.

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Movie Review – Unplugged from the Matrix

Tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good is a phone call when you are unable to speak?
~ Agent Smith from the movie: The Matrix

Mr. Anderson was just going along and doing his thing—listening to his kind of music, watching Survivor and The Simpsons on TV, and putting in his time at the office. Having been educated in public schools, he had been dumbed-down along with everyone else. His mind had been filled with all of the usual politically-correct stuff: toleration, globalism, feminism, gay marriage, socialism, environmentalism, the goodness of international organizations, etc., etc. He learned to avoid controversy and to disregard ideas that did not seem to go along with the flow. Ignoring all of those “isms” he focused on the most important thing―himself. Lying in a warm bath in his pod with cables coming out of his head, he was plugged into the Matrix, on the sex and MTV channels.

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